We recently started our new novel: Addy - Where is Solana...? The story as it stands now... Addy is an eight-year-old boy who had to flee to France in early 1939, together with his parents and his four-year-old sister Solana. General Franco's troops are approaching Barcelona and everyone is terrified of Franco's revenge. They lose Solana along the way. Perhaps for the better: the reception in France consists of a piece of land with barbed wire around it, nothing more. It is winter and refugees are digging pits in misery to get out of the biting wind. Sometimes a gendarme just pees on people in their holes. After a while, life becomes more or less normal again when the refugees are allowed to work and thus provide for themselves. When Addy has grown up, he decides to start a search for his sister. He is sent in all directions in Spain. Will he find Solana after all? Or is the denouement almost absurd in the end?
The Spanish Civil War (1936-39)
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War is not just soldiers shooting at each other, there are all kinds of other sides to it - this book is about such a different side. In February 1937 the ship Andra left for a trip to the north coast of Spain. There are weapons and ammunition on board, intended for the republicans fighting in the Spanish Civil War against the fascists led by General Franco. After all kinds of problems along the way, the ship finally reaches Spain and unloads its cargo. But when the Andra leaves the port again, the ship is met and scuttled - two crew members are killed. The rest are imprisoned and face two months of uncertainty about their fate - execution or release, who can tell? It's not a fictional story. My grandfather, who sailed along as a sailor, kept a diary about it. From the departure from Rotterdam until the final return home almost four months later. The wreck of the Andra remains off the coast of Spain to this day, a silent monument to the madness of war.
ISBN 978-946406763-7 240 pages € 27,50
War is not just soldiers shooting at each other. There are also other sides to it. This book is about such other sides. Ordinary people experiencing unusual things in unusual situations. In this historical novel we take you to the stories of ordinary people during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). A nurse, a priest, a little girl and thirteen more stories. The exciting and compelling stories mainly take place in Spain, but also in the Netherlands or France. Some stories are true. Fiction and non-fiction alternate and sometimes overlap. Take away the dates and the places and these stories could have happened anywhere, anytime. War has always existed, even today.
ISBN 978-946443201-5 296 pages € 29,95
ISBN 978-946481499-6 281 pages € 29,95
Fernando never knew his father. He was a fisherman and died at sea before Fernando was born. Fernando grew up in the 1920s in the town of Guernica in the Basque Country. Together with his best friend Ramón, they have quite a happy childhood there. Fernando is a gentle boy who sometimes has difficulty with people and his Catholic church. Then the love of his life, Ana Teresa, becomes terminally ill. Fernando makes a promise to God: when He heals Ana, he, Fernando, will become a priest and dedicate his life to God. Ana heals and Fernando keeps his word. When the Spanish Civil War breaks out (1936-39), Fernando experiences it in full force. This also applies to the devastating bombing of his hometown of Guernica on April 26, 1937. Will his faith endure and survive? Does the latter also apply to Fernando himself? Ultimately it comes to a climax in a church in the Spanish town of Yesa.
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