The Spanish Civil War (1936-39)
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© Cor Faber en Ellen Bijma
Several links Stichting Spanje 1936-39 This foundation is mainly concerned with the Dutch volunteers who went to Spain to fight against Franco. Of course there have also been a number of volunteers who went to provide medical assistance such as doctors and nurses. You will also find an article about the Andra, my grandfather's ship, on that site. Spanjestrijders On this site you can read the biographies of those Dutch volunteers. Sometimes extensive, sometimes brief because so far not much has been found about this person. The site is managed by the IISH (International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam SIDBRINT This is the site of the University of Barcelona. The SIDBRINT project basically does the same as the previous one with the difference that it concerns all volunteers who have served in the International Brigades. Museo de la Paz (Museum van de Vrede) in Guernica/Gernika In Guernica, in the Basque Country, there is a museum about the bombing of the German Condor Legion on April 26, 1937. In 2016 I visited this impressive museum. Here you, as a visitor, are taken on a tour of what it must have been like back then.